Outrage #6: Pre-existing Condition – Denied

If you ever saw a Dr. for something minor, you may have a hard time getting new insurance. If you ever saw a Dr. for something MAJOR…

Solution: No Rejecting for Pre-existing Conditions. Starting 2014, insurance plans cannot reject applicants for pre-existing condition, regardless of age. An applicant’s prior coverage will be irrelevant.

Outrage #5: Sickness is Good for Business

Our medical system pays for keeping someone sick, not well.

Solution: No Copay for Prevention. Group plans must offer prevention services without copay or deductibles including immunizations and screenings for minors and breast cancer exams and mammograms for women.♣

Solution: Wellness Incentives: There are limits on the discount that can be offered for wellness incentives, like quitting smoking or being a nonsmoker. Those limits are getting raised to 30% of the premium and could increase to 50% at some point. (That means that smokers will probably pay more for insurance. But I still miss smoking.)

[box type=”info” border=”full” icon=”♣”]♣ Rules that apply only to new plans. Some mandates only apply to plans that are not grandfathered in, because it was in effect, and unchanged, since March 23, 2010. This symbol indicates a rule that does not apply to grandfathered plans. [/box]

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