Today (December 10, 2012), product developer Dan Goss and not for profit coach Jill Baldwin joined me on the radio. Dan talked about what it takes to build great products. Jill talked about what it takes to build a great not for profit organization. Strangers to each other, they both agreed on the things you need to do, whether your focus is profit or not for profit. Dan and Jill said these 5 actions are universally required for success.

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  1. Focus on how you will bring in money. Your product must sell. Your charity must collect donations. If you forget about bringing in money, you’re dead.
  2. Build something bigger than you – something where lots of other people will care, invest and work. Love it and release it into the hands of the people who join you.
  3. Get help from people with expertise you don’t have. Dan recommends engineers whenever making a product.
  4. Do your homework – about markets, what other people are doing and what people care about.
  5. Change and evolve. Never stay still.


Transcript and recording of show will be out soon.




  • December 11, 2012 Reply

    Oscar S.

    That was a great show. I can’t wait for more.

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