I’ve spent the last few years trying to figure out how to make business law accessible for entrepreneurs – not just to encourage more small business, but also to make what I do available to people who can’t pay my rate. So, we here at Profit and Laws published Birth to Buyout: Law for the Life Cycle of Your Business.  And, we’ve spent the last year developing a workshop based on the book.   The good folks at the Chicago Area Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce have been kind enough to let us beta our seminar on Thursday, March 29th.  For a mere $30, you can participate in the workshop, have lunch, and take home a copy of the book.  All proceeds go to the Chamber (with a small fraction covering the printing costs of the book).

For more info and to register:  Birth to Buyout: The Workshop.

Up next:  Birth to Buyout: The Musical!

More info about the Chamber:  Click Here.
More info about the book:  Click Here.

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