The History of Labor Day

Before Peter McGuire came up with the idea for Labor Day most people worked 12 hours a day 7 days a week. Peter McGuire figured out that if you gave a day to celebrate the people who do the hard work, the country would better appreciate their efforts and…

3 Things Labor Needs to Do in Order to Thrive

Look, we need labor unions. You and I do better in every way when unions are strong. Take a look at this chart. When union membership goes down, your income shrinks. Why? Because unions push back. Unions force managers to train more, to pay more and to think more…

5 Big Lessons Everyone Should Learn

5 Big Lessons Everyone Should Learn Focus on how you will bring in money. Your product must sell. Your charity must collect donations. If you forget about bringing in money, you’re dead. Build something bigger than you. Build something where lots of other people will care, invest and work….

Seven Stories That Will Make You Think

Inversions and Phantom Fiduciary Duties – That argument that big CEOs make to justify moving their company nationalities overseas in order to satisfy their fiduciary duty to minimize taxes? Yeah, that’s bullshit. CEOs and Boards also have no fiduciary duty to maximize profits, particularly short term profits. CEOs and Boards have a…

The 7 Gets of Business

In every business, at the beginning, middle and end, you have to take 7 actions: (1) Get organized; (2) Get funded; (3) Get the rights; (4) Get your product made; (5) Get your product sold; (6) Get protection; and (7) Get rich or get gone.