Coco’s Christmas Carol Special

Listen to the full episode while you read. Your browser doesn’t support the audio element. Try using Chrome, Firefox or Safari. Intro Today, I’m on a special mission. In honor of the beginning of December and the holiday season I’m talking about Christmas carols today their history their tradition…

Join Me in the Fight to Save Capitalism from “Koch Brother Capitalists”

I’m a liberal capitalist. I believe very deeply in capitalism, but with rules and referees. Just like I don’t believe that football should be played without rules and referees, I don’t think that business should be played without rules and referees. The True Story of Capitalism But, there’s a nasty…

Newsletter of the Liberal Capitalists | Issue 05

Where Does $2 Trillion in Subsidies for the Wealthiest Hide in Plain Sight? – The special treatment that our tax code gives to the 1 percent is creating a deeper divide between the rich and poor in the United States. Check out the Roosevelt Institute’s new white paper on tax reform. Read more.

Hobby Lobby Means You’ll Work on Easter

Your browser does not support the audio tag…listen to the whole show here The Supreme Court’s ruling on the Hobby Lobby case means less freedom for anyone who doesn’t own a huge corporation. It essentially puts the beliefs and desires of monopoly owners above everyone else’s and it says…

Coco Soodek Live

–  Don’t miss this week’s show about the decline of American entrepreneurship! Special guest, Priscilla Nunn founder of the Anson County Community Economic Support Services (“ACCESS” for short), will share her story of empowering underprivileged populations to become entrepreneurs and find economic freedom! Tune In!

A Business Coach Would Change Your Business and Your Life

In the 17 years I’ve been working with business people of all kinds, one thing has always amazed me: the absence of clear-eyed, understandable maps to help you navigate through the phases of your business. Sure, there’s business school where you can study accounting, finance, marketing, call center management….

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On the Radio – Monday – Talking about Profits and Non-Profits

Monday at Noon Eastern, 11:00 am central, I’m back on the air. The theme of the show is Profits and Non-Profits with guests Dan Goss and Jill Baldwin. Dan Goss develops cool products in NYC.  He designs them, gets them made and sells them, always at a profit. He…