The Periodic Table (of Lawyers)

I’ve spent my adult life in Big Law, but I’m not on this earth to help the rich get richer. I’m here for the wanna-be’s. I want to help the climbers, the strivers, the innovators, the world changers. That’s why I wrote Birth to Buyout and that’s why I’ve…

Seven Stories That Will Make You Think

Inversions and Phantom Fiduciary Duties – That argument that big CEOs make to justify moving their company nationalities overseas in order to satisfy their fiduciary duty to minimize taxes? Yeah, that’s bullshit. CEOs and Boards also have no fiduciary duty to maximize profits, particularly short term profits. CEOs and Boards have a…

US Internet Monopolies Don’t Need More Power

Tell the FCC to Shorten Their Leash!

You Never Give Me Your Money. You Only Give Me Your Funnnny Papers

Learn the different parts of a contract from the Beatles:       Baby, you’re a rich man. Baby, you’re a rich man. Baby, you’re a rich man too.

Business Entity Lingo

  Different entities use different words to describe owners and management… click here to see a table: