Spoonful of Cough Syrup
By Stickpen (Own work) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

The DEA is making codeine a harder drug to get, and a badder drug to deal. This makes me nostalgic for a simpler time, with simpler professionals. When I was a kid, my doctor was a white-haired sadist from Rockford, IL, named Languish. I used to get a lot of colds, probably because my parents smoked in the station wagon with the windows closed. My brother had chronic, acute asthma. To treat my colds and his asthma, our doctor prescribed heavy, frequent doses of Tussionex, a yellow, slippery, gritty cough syrup loaded with codeine. And, man did I love getting sick! I would take a couple of teaspoons (maybe a tablespoon towards the end of my cycle) and color. First, I was ok with crayons, but after awhile I had to move on to a big box of Pentel markers and legal sized pads of paper. When my cold symptoms went away, I’d fake them for as long as I could, so I could keep downing that lovely, snotty sweet nectar that made me feel so happy and creative. I’m an adult now. I asked my doctor, a kind, careful GP named Julie Brandies, for some Tussionex and she refused with a grimace. The jokes on her, though. Even today, 30 years after my last shot of Tussionex, whenever I get a cold I still get happy flashbacks from my druggie days as a 10 year old. Long live the 70’s!

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