The IRS Search Term Scandal isn’t real. Ginned up by a scandal-hungry right wing, the D.C. media has been tripping on this fake problem for weeks.

Once again, we can count on the Democrats to meet conservative accusations by hiding in the corner and whimpering. Democrats are still so locked into their battered spouse roles that they quickly denounced the IRS’s use of the search terms. Every time the Democrats answer some stupid charge with “Yeah, What He Said,” they reinforce the same basic ideas that the 1% has been slinging and singing for years: government is bad, taxes are unfair, workers are corrupt and lazy.  I expect the 1% to act like crooks and liars – but I wish the Democrats would act like heroes and fighters. Or to paraphrase a schmuck, but at least a fighting schmuck:

The only thing that stops a bad guy with a lie is a good guy with the truth.

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