The IRS Search Term Scandal isn’t real. And there is something that no one is talking about, not the media, not conservatives, not progressives: this fake IRS scandal is really about people asking to be excused from paying taxes. 

I hate paying taxes, so do you. But, I love roads, bridges, schools and clean air – I only get those if the government has money from you and me and everyone else – so my first obligation is to pay my taxes.

Now, your group can be excused from having to pay taxes – BUT IF AND ONLY IF the IRS says you can be excused from paying taxes because you proved that you are going to do something good for everyone with the money you save on your tax bill. Getting excused from paying taxes is a privilege – it’s not an entitlement. But, conservatives are talking about the IRS search term scandal like these search terms were used to deny tea party groups something that is a God-given right.  The IRS’ job is to make sure that you’re paying the taxes you owe. The IRS used some search terms to batch process some applications for a deeper review. Don’t attack the IRS for doing its job.


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