More people want the entrepreneurial life than take it. Sometimes, I think the reason is because people lack both inspiration and time to think about which business to start. I thought it might be fun to keep a list of businesses that we wish existed. People can take good ideas and pitch in some others. (but no get rich quick ridiculousness and no ads). I’m going to start it off – don’t be afraid to criticize or improve this idea.

Idea: Office Building Day Care Center

Problem 1: Child care is expensive, unreliable, inconvenient and crucial. The absence of accessible, affordable child care keeps people out of the workforce, creates latchkey kids and hurts parental career prospects.

Problem 2: Jobs disappear, particularly at the entry, post collegiate level.

Problem 3: Our schools have lost ground to kids around the world. For instance, the U.S. was ranked 10th in math and science under 2007 TIMSS.

Problem 4: Cities compete for businesses, particularly big headquarters. Businesses compete for talent.

IDEA: Child care and tutoring centers located in big office buildings and government buildings. The child care center could contract for space with office building management companies. This works for health clubs and fast food restaurants, so why not day care centers.  Offering on-site day care could create a new element in the definition of a Class A Building. Office building tenants could buy or get group discounts. Parents could get reduced or partially subsidized child care rates. Parents could drop their kids on their way to Starbucks, just before they walk in the office door or meet their kids for lunch.  These centers would create jobs for people interested in child care, nursing and tutoring. Older kids could go to the centers after school for tutoring, homework and a ride home with parents after work. Among the variety of tax credits and incentives offered to businesses, state and local governments could include tax credits for locating and offering  child care services. These centers could also be franchised around the country, creating opportunity for local entrepreneurs. And, it would create a new layer of persistent communities surrounding children and their parents.

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