There is a growing problem in this country with the lack of accountability and the growing acceptance of a fuck-you-I-got-mine mentality among a certain class of men. It’s almost like the husband with a wife and kids at home who spends cash on booze, drugs and women, then blames his wife and family for not making things more hospitable for him, and still expects the house to stay perfect with less money and less help from him patching the roof; The kind of guy who believes that he can find another woman and another family if things get too annoying or inconvenient.

On the other side of the coin, though, we are like the wife and kids who don’t want to see daddy leave, even though he treats us like shit. Even though he beats us and wastes money on other booze and other women instead of putting food in our mouths, we just can’t bear the thought of seeing him go. We still cling to the hope that he will somehow change and that everything will just get better one day.

This is what our nation has become. We have gotten ourselves in an abusive relationship with Wall Street and monopoly powers. We rely so heavily on them for our jobs and our livelihoods that we let them get away with whatever they want. And, the Vaguely Unpleasant part is, they know we aren’t going anywhere. They know we are so heavily dependent on them to survive that we no longer say anything when big companies move their incorporation paperwork overseas to places with lower tax burdens. We let them hoard money to use for themselves, and then we let them tell us that we aren’t working hard enough, fast enough or that we’re not good enough.

Don’t let America become the battered wife who stays with her man out of fear of what might happen if she leaves. Take back your freedom, and make a stand against corporate tax evasion and companies that reap a profit but don’t give back.

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