Show Notes: The fight against Obamacare is getting dirty, and you are being tricked out of affordable, effective, healthcare. Americans have been trained to believe two ideas about health care: 1. The market will  take care of you (if it’s profitable), and 2. You’re on your own. Those are both lies. In reality, health care markets don’t work without organization. And, you shouldn’t be on your own, because it’s totally inefficient and a waste of your time and resources to be totally on your own. But, Obamacare does three amazing things. First, it organizes the market for health insurance. Second, it makes everyone get coverage and eliminates free riders, which helps us all lower costs. Third, it makes the insurance companies be better businesses but also gives them millions more customers. Obamacare is actually a totally capitalist, market oriented solution. It isn’t perfect. It will be a nightmare rolling it out. But, it will also save America and capitalism by improving both. 

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