Stop buying fish and seafood until the industry takes public responsibility for the quality of their products. Last week, we learned that 59% of “tuna” sold in the U.S. is not tuna.

Big Tuna can get away with selling cheap or imitation fish because you have bought hook, line and sinker that Big Tuna’s profit is more important than holding Big Tuna accountable for what you get for your money.  Every time you complain about excessive government spending and regulation, you are ordering a chum sandwich with a dollop of mercury. Every time you complain about lawyers who bring frivolous suits and you beg for tort reform, you are promising Big Tuna you won’t complain if they replace the salmon you ordered for some escolar that may slide out of you as oily stool (seriously read the article).  You have signaled your willingness to eat shit, so that’s what they’ll give you. And don’t hope for the regulators, because Big Tuna pools its money into a political slush fund to pay politicians to stand up for profit and ignore product.

So, there is no one home to test, verify or punish people for cheating millions of people. Without public officials policing Big Tuna for you, you have to do it for yourself.  Bring pictures of fish to the grocery or the sushi shop and compare it to the raw, whole version you are about to buy.  But, if you don’t want to be your own food inspector, then you have to stop buying fish.

Stop buying fish and seafood until the industry takes public responsibility for the quality of their products. If you do buy fish or seafood, only buy from companies that actually promise to verify that what you buy and what you get match. Want to go one more step? Let Big Tuna know you’re mad and you aren’t taking it. Take an empty fish can or one of those weird tuna envelopes and send it to: Josh Stull, 7918 Jones Branch Drive, Suite 700, McLean VA 22102. You can also email him at

Who’s Josh Stull? He’s the head of Government Affairs for Big Tuna – a lobbyist, who talking public officials out of making sure fish and seafood sold in the market is legit.  Don’t forget to send your empty containers with this note: “This is my last purchase until you take responsibility for your products.” 

PS: NFI sprints from accountability on its truth squad when it says it will introduce “the unholy trinity of alarmist misinformation about eating seafood.” Research be damned.

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