The Periodic Table (of Lawyers)

I’ve spent my adult life in Big Law, but I’m not on this earth to help the rich get richer. I’m here for the wanna-be’s. I want to help the climbers, the strivers, the innovators, the world changers. That’s why I wrote Birth to Buyout and that’s why I’ve…

Wouldn’t you like to know who doesn’t want your business?

I’m glad Governor Jan Brewer struck the Ok-To-Hate-Gay law. But, I’m still sad that there isn’t a dependable mechanism for gay-hating business owners to tell us gays to stay away. Not only would I stay away, but I would delight in the Yelp commentary.  The free market could then…

You Can Kill The Comcast – Time-Warner Merger

TELL  WASHINGTON TO KILL THE COMCAST-TIME WARNER MERGER: Bureau of Competition: Contact Information E-Mail: Regular Mail: Office of Policy and Coordination Room 7117 Bureau of Competition Federal Trade Commission 601 New Jersey Ave, NW Washington, D.C. 20580 Telephone: (202) 326-3300

Here is a simple graphic on America’s wealth monopoly

I wanted to understand how few people own so so much of our country. So, I made an infographic – and it looks it. But, it cleared things up for me and I hope for you.  (I love infographics – I wish I had some infographics skills.)

Why Chris Christie Is Showing US How American Voters Get Robbed

If this Chris Christie article doesn’t stoke your rage at the state of 2014 American politics, nothing will. I’m not talking about the revelations about the Governor – it’s not exactly a shock that an obese blustering bully self-medicates with rank corruption disguised as crime fighting, in addition to…

The Free Market Isn’t God

The Free Market Isn’t God.  Those five words, strung together, seem obvious, right? Except they are the opposite of what the 1% have taught you and me for the last 40 years. The 1%, the Koch Brothers and their stooges teach us that the “free market” is God –… hysteria revealed biggest threat to American dream: Fear of Failure

If you want to achieve and earn real money, you have to be willing to risk and to fail.  But, today failure is a terminal disease, not a transition. Nowhere is this clearer than in the reaction to the early roll-out of is just a website. A…

Chris Christie is too fat to be president (but because he’s unhinged, not because he’s fat)

Chris Christie’s extreme obesity is fair topic because it reveals some obvious mental health problems that make him unfit for the presidency.  We’re not talking about a guy with a beer gut. Or even a guy who is two chairs on the plane. We’re talking about a guy who…

Repub Congressman Are Our National Fatal Attraction #shutdown

Why The Government Shutdown is Treason – And What You Need to Do About It | Coco Soodek Live | Today at 10:00 CST

Why The Government Shutdown is Treason – And What You Need to Do About It 11 am EST on the LTR Network.  Call me: 1-888-454-3378