Amazing Government Websites with Startling, Fascinating and Odd Info – Pt 3

We are always looking for good things the government does to help business. Here is a terrific example. runs contests for everyone. These contests follow the examples set by sites like 99 designs.  But, the government contests ask participants to solve some problem. The winners get prizes.….

K9 Ventures » Investor Nomenclature and the Venture Spiral

this is one of the best articles on the different investor types…It’s by K9 Ventures.

Sudden Entrepreneurs

this excellent post by Ben Pieratt, CEO of

How To Sell Groupon Coupons Without Losing Lawsuits

Did you know that some of the companies that have done these Groupon sales have gotten sued? The problem is the expiration date. For instance, I bought $200 worth of personal training sessions for $80 – 2 years ago, so my coupon has expired. Technically, I could sue, but…

Portrait of a Distribution Network | Lincoln Schatz

Portrait of a Distribution Network | Lincoln Schatz.