Independent Contractor v. Employee

Note to Janice: Janice, thanks for calling in to my radio show today. I’m republishing this post so it is easy for you to find. Keep me posted on your progress. *** A person you hire to work for you is either an “employee” or an “independent contractor.” Trying…

Interns: No Such Thing as Free Labor

It’s May. Soon, the kids – drinking age and younger – will come seeking internships. So, this is the season when accounting and legal bloggers do a post on the legal treachery of using unpaid interns. And, we are no exception. Let’s say you are tempted to take the…

Section 218 Agreement under Social Security Act

It’s the third week of the year, and I’m clinging to my 2012 resolutions by my fingertips.  My resolution to post 3 times a week is in danger.  So, on a Thursday night, in a cab on my way home, I have grabbed this little post out of my…

3 Relationships between You and Your Staff

The relationship created between your business and the people helping it will be governed by some tricky rules. There are basically 3 types of relationships you create when an individual provides services: (1) employment; (2) independent contractor; and (3) partnership/joint venture.

5 S-Steps To Staff Your Business

There are five steps to finding that someone to help you in your business: (1) Search; (2) Specify; (3) Screen; (4) Solidify; and (5) Start. Let’s go over these in more detail.