Death of a Successful Startup: Why Laura Quit

The health insurance marketplace makes starting a business a life or death decision. American entrepreneurs ought to have to do battle with market demand, logistics and competition, but not with America itself.

Birth to Buyout Hits the (Virtual) Bookshelves!

Rejoice!  You can now read Birth to Buyout on your Kindle. Or Nook. Or Sony Reader.  iPad or iPhone?  There’s an app for that. And hey – if you roll old-school –  the print version is available here. P.S. You may have noticed the use of Bossypants by Tina…

7 Reasons We Don’t Have More Entrepreneurs (and jobs)

There are real obstacles that keep would-be business starters on the sidelines…Each of these problems is deep and profound and fixable.

Introducing Apple Pie Economics

The US needs more entrepreneurs. Most net new jobs get created by new ventures. There are forces and accidents that are getting in the way of us living up to our entrepreneurial potential. But, there are solutions.

K9 Ventures » Investor Nomenclature and the Venture Spiral

this is one of the best articles on the different investor types…It’s by K9 Ventures.

10 Outrages Fixed by Health Care Reform – Part 4

Outrage #4: ESP Required Your insurance only covers the emergency room visits …(wait for it)… that you got approved in advance. Solution: No Advanced Knowledge of Emergency Required. Plans that cover emergency room cannot require pre-authorization or in-network hospitals for emergency room visits. Outrage #3: No One Reads It…

10 Outrages Fixed by Health Care Reform – Part 3

Outrage #6: Pre-existing Condition – Denied If you ever saw a Dr. for something minor, you may have a hard time getting new insurance. If you ever saw a Dr. for something MAJOR… Solution: No Rejecting for Pre-existing Conditions. Starting 2014, insurance plans cannot reject applicants for pre-existing condition,…

10 Outrages Fixed by Health Care Reform – Part 2

Outrage #8: Women Denied Women have to fight to get to a gynecologist. Solution: OB/GYN Covered! Plans cannot require pre authorization to see a gynecologist in the provider pool. Women get to pick a gynecologist as their primary care doctor. Ï Outrage #7: Preexisting Condition – Dropped If you…

10 Outrages Fixed by Health Care Reform – Part 1

Today, I’m rolling out a series called “10 Health Care Outrages Fixed by Health Care Reform. I wrote this because I didn’t know what was in the big bill the President signed last March – and this was a good way to find out. Having read the contents, I’m…