5 Smart Things About the S-Corporation

I want to show some love to the S-corp, the ugly older child of the LLC. What is an S-Corporation? An S-Corporation is a C-corporation that has been converted to pass through tax treatment. You get that pass through tax treatment by filing an S-election on IRS Form…

5 Reasons Venture Capitalists Demand a C-Corp

Forms. The holy grail of cheap legal fees is standardized forms. VCs have their own contract forms for investments in C-Corporations and they want to keep it that way. It is more efficient for them to use their own forms: their lawyers can get through them and the VCs…

The 4 Types of Entities (sorry, it’s pretty dull)

Everyone always wants to know: which entity should I pick? Let’s try and answer that once and for all. Here, we’ll talk about the types of entities. Down the road, we’ll talk about how to think about them. First, you should know that all business entities are creatures of…

Yes, Your Business Needs An Entity

You absolutely need an entity. Here’s why.

Birth to Buyout Hits the (Virtual) Bookshelves!

Rejoice!  You can now read Birth to Buyout on your Kindle. Or Nook. Or Sony Reader.  iPad or iPhone?  There’s an app for that. And hey – if you roll old-school –  the print version is available here. P.S. You may have noticed the use of Bossypants by Tina…

4 Documents You Need To Set Up Your First Bank Account

When it is time to set up a bank account, the bank will require a bunch of documents out of your minute book.

The 7 Gets of Business

In every business, at the beginning, middle and end, you have to take 7 actions: (1) Get organized; (2) Get funded; (3) Get the rights; (4) Get your product made; (5) Get your product sold; (6) Get protection; and (7) Get rich or get gone.

(5 stupid reasons) Why I Picked An S-Corp

Part 1.

Sole Proprietorship: Just Don’t

People who run a business alone without setting up a formal business entity operate their business as a sole proprietorship. They shouldn’t.